Prayer Offered for May 22, 2017

elegant borderBy Guest Chaplain, Tina Green, RScP, Center for Spiritual Living, Davis

I know that right here and right now, God is all there is and all there is God and all of God is good. In this moment and in every moment, God is moving in us, through us, and as us, as together, we co-create a world that works for everyone.

Knowing that I am one with this power and presence that I call God because I have no other word for it, and that what is true for me is true for each and every person here, I speak my word today for the members of the California State Senate and those who support them, knowing that each of them acts as the hands, heart and mind of God as they bring their best selves forward on behalf of the people of this great state. I know that what needs to be said will be said, what needs to be heard will be heard, and what needs to be understood, will be understood.

Giving thanks for the goodness that is God and the opportunity to know this truth today, I release my word into the light and love that just says, YES, to our intention. YES. YES. YES!

And so it is.—AMEN.


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