Prayer Offered for June 22, 2017

elegant borderBy Guest Chaplain, Deacon Sergio Diaz of the Diocese of Sacramento

            Almighty god, source of all goodness in our lives.  Merciful and compassionate God, we beseech You:  hear our prayer!

            Loving Father, illuminate our minds with Your wisdom that in Your light we may distinguish and discern right from wrong and good from evil.

            Temper our appetites for power and prestige, and satiate us with piety and peace of mind and heart, as we strive to serve those who entrust us with their lives and well-being.

            Grace us with Your courage to uphold the rights of the mighty as well as the lowly, and to be the voice for the voiceless when they have no one else but me.

            Endow us with patience to listen with open mind and heart to opposing views that through collaboration we can bring about the common good.

            Bless us with humility to accept our limitations and to remember that apart from You we can do nothing.

            Finally, Lord help us to love ourselves, and others as You love us.  For we are entrusted with grave responsibility; and, only by abiding in Your love, can we hope to discharge our sworn duty to serve.—AMEN.

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