Prayer Offered for March 20, 2017

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By Guest Chaplain, Imam Kashif Ahmed, Director of Religious and Social Services at the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM)

O Almighty God, You are compassionate and merciful.

Give us victory over pride so that our common humanity may provoke new inroads of compassion to sympathize more deeply with those in need.

Give us victory over stubbornness. Replace the grudges that hinder our collaboration with forgiveness that opens minds to new possibilities.

Give us victory from the stain of lustful sins. Keep us on the straight path. Cleanse and purify our hearts by the inspiration of Your Words.

O God, none can bring goodness except You, and none can remove evil except You: and there is no power and strength except with Your help.

O God, give these Members of our Senate courageous perseverance, an unshakeable integrity, a spirit that cannot be broken. Bless them with wisdom and discernment to lead our people toward reconciliation, to rebuild our Nation's confidence in justice, to restore our sense of equality. Secure the faith of those present here, thereby securing the heritage and the future of America. —AMEN.

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