Prayer Offered for August 15, 2019

elegant borderBy Senate Chaplain, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM: 

Since this is “back to school” time, I’d like to share the following poem by Sr. Pat Ryan of San Francisco:


I nearly threw in the towel

It was May, my first year teaching

After Algebra class, Carleen whispered in my ear

Sister, when are we going to learn what X is?


O Carleen, so many years later

I can tell you a lot more about X

It not only marks the spot

It symbolizes every unknown, any mystery

It’s the letter that everyone is looking for


I’ve learned so much

Since you stunned me with that question

My answer right now would be “Never”

We are never going to learn what X is


It is the nameless essence of an eternal search

The magnet pulling the evolutionary process

It is totally available and open to any brain

That needs a marker to hold on to

The Infinite reality passing through


We are never going to learn what X is

But we will never stop trying     (By Patricia Ryan, RSM.)

God beyond all knowledge, give us the grace to always remember that we are students of mystery.—AMEN.

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