Prayer Offered for September 13, 2019

elegant borderBy Senate Chaplain, Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM:

As you come to the end of this session, I leave you with the words of Sister Mary Baptist Russell, whose statue graces the lawn out there.  To some young sisters who had just proclaimed their final vows, she said, “you must not now imagine all is done; on the contrary, you are just now beginning.”

So as you transition from this space, we ask God’s continual blessings on your endings and new beginnings, may you experience the God of surprises hidden in the pockets of your daily life, may you experience the God of generosity as you bring forth an abundance of insight and creativity for improving our state and our world, and may you experience the God of peace as you return home to a new rhythm of growth and transformation, Amen.(From “Heart of Love” by Joyce Rupp.)

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