Prayer Offered for April 11, 2019

elegant borderBy Senate Chaplain, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM:

The thing about nonviolence is that it spreads. When you get people to participate in nonviolent action…people are learning from that action. (Dolores Huerta)

 Gracious and merciful God of our past and of our present, help us to continue to learn from the non-violent actions of our predecessors, who stretched beyond their comfort zones to remind us of the interconnectedness of all beings on this fragile planet.  May our legislators and all those in positions of leadership persevere in efforts of respectful dialogue, so that the gifts and talents of all can be shared in peace and harmony for the common good.  May we grow in awareness of the violence of some of our words as we learn to listen to those who have long been silenced.  We trust in Your continued inspiration that we may operate from hearts of compassion and fairness in Your name.—AMEN.

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