Prayer Offered for April 19, 2021

elegant borderUpon invitation of the President, the following prayer was offered by Senator Atkins, as written by the Chaplain, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM:        

Gracious and ever-loving God, we come before You with fragile lives—with dreams, hearts, and bodies too often shattered.

What can we believe except that You will not despise our careless and broken hearts?

What can we believe except that only what is first broken, like bread, can be shared?

God of mercy, help our unbelief: that we may have the courage to love the enemies we have the integrity to make; that we may have the audacity to grow beyond our self-centered prayers and careful creeds to bring forth the just and beloved society that is ours to create; that we may learn to care for each other in tragedies great and small.

We trust in Your unfailing help.—AMEN.

(Adapted from Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder)elegant border