Bills Amended in the Senate August 23, 2022

Upon invitation of the President, the following prayer was offered by Senator Hertzberg, as written by the Chaplain, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM:

Holy Fire at the heart of reality,

Warm our human hearts with the energies of passion and compassion.

Illuminate our minds with the truth of our temporary and mortal state.

And give us a hint of enlightenment about the purpose of our existence.

Illuminate for us the world with all its awesome wonders,

So that we may go about our life wisely and creatively,

Ready to reject illusions,

Ready to accept facts, however harsh,

Grateful for the honor of being present to it all.

Give us enough human wisdom to cope with the gift of this astonishing life itself.

We ask this in Your name.—AMEN.

(“We Side with the Morning” inSorin Books by William Cleary)

Prayer Offered By: 
Senator Hertzberg, written by Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
Prayer Date: 
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Prayer Status: