Prayer Offered for April 24, 2023

Almighty God, we lift up our prayers to You with reverence and trust to guide us and strengthen us all in our calling to serve and protect the people of God. We praise You for blessing us with the gift of life, bestowing upon us all bounties of the world, and challenging us to become Your good hands in our communities.

Almighty God, we know well that the honorable members of this Senate have responded to Your call to bring their wisdom for the well-being of the State of California.

We are here today, with dual responsibilities to guard and cherish their God-given gifts and we are also here as citizens of the United States of America filled with the spirit of the founding fathers of this great nation to become exemplary leaders of our communities. The United States of America has inspired us to cherish the true value of democracy and freedom as well as the universal respect for humanity as the reflection of God’s love.

Today, we pray for the 120,000 Armenians, including women, children, the elderly, and the disabled who have been under the blockade for over 100 days in our homeland of Artsakh cut off from life’s most basic necessities including food, fuel, and medicine.

We pray for world peace and beseech Your guidance and mercy. Enlighten our hearts with Your love and compassion in order that we may serve with justice and prudence in mind.

Almighty God, bless this Senate with their members and their mission. Grant them divine wisdom and love to carry on their duties diligently, to uphold firm justice for the past and be the path of justice for all generations to come.—AMEN.

Archpriest Father Datev Harutyunian
Prayer Date