Prayer Offered for April 25, 2024

During this time of Passover, we want to pray for all who are suffering in this world in any way. The prayer I will use today is actually a song from YouTube, called “Heal Us Now”. It was recorded in 2020 by the International Jewish Teen Choir when everyone was learning to use Zoom from their bedrooms. It is based on some lines from the Book of Numbers and 3 Psalms. And so we pray:

Heal us now.

We pray for healing of the body.

We pray for healing of the soul,

for strength of flesh and mind and spirit,

we pray to once again be whole.

O Adonai, please heal us now; heal us; heal us now.

We pray for healing of the people.

We pray for healing of the land.

And peace for every race and nation—Every child, every woman, every man. And this prayer is ever so much beautiful with music.—AMEN.

(Adapted from Numbers 12:13 and Psalms 28:9, 118:25, and 145:18; English by Leon Sher)

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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