Prayer Offered for April 28, 2022

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah, we open our hearts, minds, and souls.

Ribbono shel OlamMaster of the Universe:

As we remember the six million, the eleven million, the indifference, and the evil;

As we honor the heroes, the martyrs, the survivors, and the victims;

We ask You to soothe our souls, to amplify our memories, to strengthen our resolve, and to hear our prayers.

We ask for Your presence in our midst—for healing, light, and love to soothe and ease our pain, as we remember the horrors that were committed not long ago.

We ask that our memories be strengthened in the hope that those who remember the mistakes of the past will not repeat them.

We ask that You strengthen our will, so that when we say “never again,” we will dedicate ourselves to this principle, to the idea that justice does not allow persecution, that genocide shall not be repeated, and that vigilance is the responsibility of freedom, at all costs.

Above all, we pray for shalom—Oseh shalom bimromav. Hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu—they who make peace in high places, may they bring peace upon us in our midst, now and forever.—AMEN.

(“A Prayer for Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day”)

Prayer Offered By: 
Senator Stern, written by Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
Prayer Date: 
Thursday, April 28, 2022
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