Prayer Offered for August 24, 2023

Gracious and merciful God, in these days of fires, floods, and other disasters, how can

we pray for those who suffer from the security of our own homes?

How can words salve and soothe real wounds, assuage real fears, wipe tears from real


God of endless compassion, transform our prayers from words into bridges that span the

distance between us, uniting our hearts with those who need our compassion and swift response.

Every time we turn our keys in a lock, may we remember all who are losing their homes.

Every time we step into our cars, may we remember all those having to flee.

Every time we embrace our loved ones, may we remember all who are grieving losses.

May our besieged brothers and sisters, suffering from recent disasters, be drawn into

Your loving arms, and may our cry be heard as one voice, ringing out from every corner of the Earth:

God of endless mercy, give us the resilience to create a world of security and


(Adapted from Mercy Flash by Cameron Bellm)

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
Prayer Date