Prayer Offered for August 29, 2022

Upon invitation of the President, the following prayer was offered by Senator Durazo, as written by the Chaplain, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM:

God of unity and wholeness,

In this moment, draw us to Yourself, and make us aware,

Not so much of what we’ve given as of all that we have received

And so, have yet to share.

In these final days of our session, send us forward

In power and gladness, and with great courage

To live out in the world, live out in what we pray and profess,

That, in sharing, we may

Do justice,

Make peace,

Grow in love,

Enjoy our life, other people,

And Your world, now.

We ask this in Your name.—AMEN.

Prayer Offered By: 
Senator Durazo, written by Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
Prayer Date: 
Monday, August 29, 2022
Prayer Status: