Prayer Offered for January 29, 2024

The mystic, Julian of Norwich, was immersed in the traumas and tribulations of the 14th century. Today we pray from her experience of God’s revelations to her, using the attitudes of awaiting, allowing, accepting, and attending.

Merciful and mysterious God, we await Your divine providence…the promise of Your faithful, tender love.

We await this day’s revelation, curious to discover the surprises it offers.

We allow our hearts to open and receive Your loving gaze.

We allow Your gaze to rest on our hearts.

We accept the call entrusted to us, with all the blessings and challenges therein.

We accept our incompleteness, our vulnerabilities, and our gifts.

We attend to our portion of the suffering world.

We attend to the task that is ours as we serve the emerging wholeness of creation.

May we be transformed by our openness to the mystery of each new day.—AMEN.

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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