Prayer Offered for June 26, 2023

God of the small, the subtle, the unimportant,

God of the vague, the cloudy, the ambiguous,

open our hearts to Your presence.

Open our eyes to the little signs,

our ears to the soft murmurs.

Slow us down to listen and hear the cry of the unspoken.

Awaken us to the losses that are blessings,

awaken us to the wounds that are openings,

awaken us to the weaknesses that are the sources of Your strength.

Wake us up from the stupor of busyness, the daze of desire,

to witness Your drawing near, to behold Your presence,

even in these ordinary moments,

we offer these feeble prayers,

these beating hearts.—AMEN.

(Unfolding Light by Steve Garnaas-Holmes)

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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