Prayer Offered for June 30, 2022

Loving and merciful God, the Gospel according to Matthew tells us that the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds, but when it grown it is the greatest of shrubs.

(Matthew 13:32)

God, with Your help,

we are a mustard seed of justice.

Never mind the smallness of our witness.

The wounds are deep, the sickness is awful, the hunger is great.

But we are a mustard seed of healing and justice.

Immeasurable divine fruit is hidden

in our smallest acts of courage and love.

It’s not about us.

It’s about the power released when we are sown.

In these days of devastating crises

we are sown,

and with Your help,

we will be mustard seeds of leadership, justice, and love for the people we serve.—AMEN.

(Adapted from Steve Garnaas-Holmes)

Senator Wieckowski, written by Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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