Prayer Offered for June 5, 2023

Gracious God of radical, inclusive, and unconditional love, You are the life of all life and beyond all names.

May the sparks of Your beauty dance in the eyes of those we love.

Be with us as we pray in solidarity with all those who seek to live lives of authenticity and integrity.

Today, we remember the LGBTQ+ community, especially those who live in fear of persecution and violence: for them we pray for freedom.

For LGBTQ+ young people who long for the support of their friends and families: we pray for courage.

For those who have ended their lives rather than endure the taunts of peers, and rejection by family and society: we pray for peace.

For all of us in roles of authority—those responsible for public safety and changing attitudes: we pray for wisdom.

For those communities where God’s love is spoken and LGBTQ+ persons long for acceptance: we pray for integrity of word and deed.

Merciful God, may this remembering encourage all of us not to place limits on Your boundless love. May we appreciate and celebrate the gifts of LGBTQ+ persons each and every day.—AMEN.

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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