Prayer Offered for May 13, 2024

Please join me in a moment of quiet reflection:

There are over 40 countries and cultures in the Asian Pacific Island area. Their cultural influence on the world stage is now a natural part of our everyday life. In the areas of art, music, dance, literature, food, philosophy, spirituality, economics and politics… in every dimension of our lives, we have a “fusion” of cultural flavors… and it is wonderful.

It is both beautiful and meaningful to take pride in the cultures and traditions within which we have been raised. Even more beautiful is it to take pride in the multi-cultural heritage that, in essence, we all share, here in the United States of America; and most especially in being a part of the State of California.

Although there are about 200 countries recognized by the United Nations in the world today, in reality, we are not separate. We are all one humanity in the borderless geography of the Earth.

With a vision of the world as one, we will begin to live with empathy and kindness for we realize we are all connected in the fabric of life.

Today is a reminder for us to embrace and appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Namo Amida Butsu—With kindness and gratitude beyond words…

Reverend Bob Oshita
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