Prayer Offered for May 18, 2023

Today we pray a poem by Mercy Sister Renee Yann called “All Creation”:

Gracious and loving God, help us to remember that:

All Creation kneels,

a Single Being,

to praise [You].

From its immense heart,

[creation] sings myriad songs at once,

Morning and Evensong,

Praise and Dirge,

Alas and Alleluia,


It sings even over its own scars,

where the chasms cry out for balm.

It sings both the remembrance

and the hope of blessing.

It sings the endurance of faith

and the confidence of love.

In roar and silence, in darkness and light,

Creation kneels,

a Single Being,

in praise of [You, O] God.—AMEN.

(Renee Yann, RSM)

Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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