Prayer Offered for May 19, 2022

Creator God, we ask You to accompany us this day as we strive to make the best possible decisions for the good of Your people. Be with us in our times of physical need to dislocation and spiritual trial when we are tempted to fear and doubt. In our quest for a more just social order when we are tempted to discouragement. Be with us in our encounters with the poor and needy of our time when we are tempted to grow weary, in our debates with persons who disagree with us when we are tempted to misunderstanding. Be with us in our successes as a governance body when we may be tempted to self-satisfaction.

Gracious and Merciful God, strengthen us on the journey of leadership that we may witness to the value of humble service for all those who put their trust in our work. We ask this in Your name.—AMEN.

Prayer Offered By: 
Senator John Laird
Prayer Date: 
Thursday, May 19, 2022
Prayer Status: