Prayer Offered for May 9, 2022

God of all people and nations, as we celebrate May as Asian American and Pacific Islander or AAPI Heritage Month, we pray in gratitude for the rich historical and cultural contributions of individuals and groups of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to the United States and to California in particular.

We pray for those who persevered to achieve formal recognition for their historical contributions in building infrastructure throughout the United States.

We pray for those who persevered through generations of xenophobia, racism, bias, and violence to contribute their skills and talents in the areas of science and medicine, literature and art, government and law.

We pray for those who continue today to enrich the diversity of this land, so that together we can celebrate and learn from each other in a spirit of partnership and collaboration for the common good. We ask this in Your name.—AMEN.

Senator Min, written by Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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