Prayer Offered for September 1, 2023

Heart of Love, source of all kindness, teacher of the ways of goodness, You are hidden in the pockets of daily life, waiting to be discovered.
Heart of Comfort, sheltering wings of love, refuge for sad and lonely ones, You embrace all who bear loss, gathering our tears with care.
Heart of Understanding, one who gazes upon the imperfect, the incomplete, the flawed, the weak, You never stop extending mercy.
Heart of Generosity, abundance of insight and hope, daily You offer us gifts of growth, leading to continual transformation.
Heart of Deepest Peace, resting place at the core of our being, You are waiting always for our return to this sacred home.—AMEN.
(“The Heart of Eternal Love” in Out of the Ordinary by Joyce Rupp)


Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
Prayer Date