Prayer Offered for September 11, 2023

God of mercy and compassion, it is most likely that we all remember where we were 22 years ago on 9-11.
On this day of solemn remembrance:
We honor the almost 3,000 lives that were lost in that tragic act.
We give thanks for public servants, first responders, police, and firefighters—all those who served and saved, rendered aid and assistance.
May we give comfort to those who still live with grief and loss.
May we seek justice, peace, and reconciliation in all the activities of our lives.
On this day of solemn remembrance:
Let us remember words of support and compassion from states and nations near and far.
Let us continue to build up what has been torn down, and work to mend what has been broken.
Gracious God, may we live Your love when hate and resentment seem to reign.
May we continue to bear hopeful witness to the cause of justice and peace for all.
We ask this in Your name.—AMEN.
(Adapted from Derek Weber)


Sr. Michelle Gorman, RSM
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